Malwarebytes releases a beta version of their Anti-Rootkit product.

Malwarebytes is a very popular company known for their powerful Anti-Malware software, now they have developed a new product for dealing with another form of computer threats, Root-kits. now you may question, Isn’t my Anti-virus software enough? Anti-virus softwares can certainly prevent root-kits from infecting your computer, but there are a few root-kits which may [...]

Twitter sends email to some users stating your account may have been compromised

Some unknown hackers managed to hack into several Twitter accounts, forcing the company to send an email to users and asking them to change their passwords. Twitter announced this by tweeting using their @support account about this. Here is the link to the tweet. They also posted an update about the issue here. If [...]

Get Batch Files Renamer for free – Limited time only

Batch Files Renamer is a software which lets you rename the file-names of several files at once. Here’s a description given by the developer: Batch File Renamer lets you rename files in bulk – adding, removing, inserting, and replacing characters and text, changing extensions, and more. With Batch File Renamer, you’ll enjoy a real-time preview [...]

Haozip – a freeware compression tool for Windows

Haozip is a free alternative for popular softwares like Winzip and Winrar. It can uncompress around 50 different formats including .ZIP and .RAR Besides extracting and compressing archive files, Haozip has several useful functions, like checking an archive for errors and repairing damaged archives. It can even calculate MD5, Sha1 and CRC32 checksum for files. [...]

Tweetdeck for twitter gets keyboard shortcuts plus new features

Ever since Twitter acquired Tweetdeck, ther has been much speculation over the future development. Especially since Tweetdeck for Android had one of it’s most popular features, the service removed and the app hasn’t been updated for over a year. But thankfully the Tweetdeck team haven’t abandoned its Windows application. And in fact they have [...]

Disable Live Tiles in Windows 8

One of the primary features in Windows 8 is Modern (Metro) user Interface, which consists of  App Tiles. Some of these tiles are live tiles and connect to the internet for bringing you real time Weather Updates, Mail, News, etc. One question though may arise in the minds of some of the users “Do these Live Tiles [...]

Microsoft releases Panoramic Themes for Windows 8

Themes play a significant part for users who like to beautify their desktop screens, especially on home computers. And I am no exception to this, usually I just download HD wallpapers or a set of cool looking cursor packs. Microsoft Themes save us time by bringing us some cool wallpapers and matching sounds to give [...]

DVD Drive not showing up in Windows 8? Here’s a fix

I recently installed Windows 8 Pro on my computer and everything was working fine until I had to write something on to a DVD and to my surprise found there was no DVD drive in the Windows Explorer or the Device Manager. I knew the drive was working  fine, because I had installed Windows 8 [...]