Disable Live Tiles in Windows 8

One of the primary features in Windows 8 is Modern (Metro) user Interface, which consists of  App Tiles. Some of these tiles are live tiles and connect to the internet for bringing you real time Weather Updates, Mail, News, etc. One question though may arise in the minds of some of the users “Do these Live Tiles drain my Internet Bandwidth?”

Of course you could limit the amount of bandwidth used by the tiles, but I am just going to show you how to turn Live tiles off in Windows 8. It doesn’t involve editing any registry key or geeky commands. Follow the steps outlined below to turn the live tiles off.

Click on the Start Tile and go to where your live tiles are.


Depending on your selection you may have News, Bing, Sport and other Live tiles.

Just right click on any one of these tiles, and you will see bunch of options appearing at the bottom of Modern (Metro) screen.


Left click on “Turn Live Tile off” .

That’s it. You have disabled the live tile. To re-enable the live tile just right click on it and select “Turn Live Tile On”


Now you don’t have to worry about the live tiles consuming your bandwidth. You can still click on the tiles to get the latest update from the corresponding app and it will only use your internet when you access it.

About the author: Ashwin is a Business Graduate, but loves writing about Computer Softwares and Android Apps. You can bet that he is testing something on his phone almost everyday.

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