Microsoft releases Panoramic Themes for Windows 8

Themes play a significant part for users who like to beautify their desktop screens, especially on home computers. And I am no exception to this, usually I just download HD wallpapers or a set of cool looking cursor packs. Microsoft Themes save us time by bringing us some cool wallpapers and matching sounds to give us a whole new experience.

Ever Since Windows 8 was released Microsoft have been releasing some excellent themes for it, the most recent being Panoramic themes which support Dual Monitors i.e the wallpapers stretch to fit on both screens. Let’s take a quick look at new Panoramic themes that are available:

Bridges panoramic theme

This theme includes 7 High resolution images of the World’s most famous bridges including the ones from Bristol,  Hong Kong, London, Paris, and San Francisco, and Tokyo. Here is my favorite of the seven.

Cityscapes panoramic theme

Cityscape wallpapers are very popular among Windows users and this theme includes 7 High resolution images of Skylines from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jersey City, Kuala Lumpur, London, Singapore, Vancouver.

Forests panoramic theme

Would a theme collection be complete without Natural landscapes. Bamboos, Green woods and a peeking sun makes this one a top-pick.

Horizons panoramic theme

Sunsets, mountains and beaches. Need I say more? These 7 HD images are just fabulous.

Waves panoramic theme

Waves can be beautiful and these are just gorgeous to look at.

This theme features 7 High resolution images of the Seaside from around the world and some really cool seaside sounds to go along with it. It’s like having a perfect holiday right at your desktop.

All these themes are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT.

About the author: Ashwin is a Business Graduate, but loves writing about Computer Softwares and Android Apps. You can bet that he is testing something on his phone almost everyday.

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