Temple Run on Windows Phone WP8 now supports 512mb devices

One of the issues with the low end Nokia Lumia devices is the low RAM that powers these devices which often leads to many games and apps not being able to install and run on these low RAM devices. One of most popular games Temple Run shared a similar fate and till now it was [...]

Youtube launches $0.99/mo channels with 14-day free trial

It has been long speculated that Google is going to monetize YouTube using one way or the other apart from just using the advertising on the videos. One of the speculated models for monetization was the monthly subscription model of YouTube channels. Stating today, Google is launching monthly subscription model with a small set of [...]

Fix: iOS 6 cannot connect to Wi-Fi on iPad, Iphone

If you own a Apple device like iPhone or iPad and have upgraded to its latest iOS 6, you may have been facing a weird issue with Wi-Fi. Even when every other device is able to connect to your WiFi router without any issue, your iOS 6 device iPad or iPhone is unable to connect [...]

Twitter debuts Twitter #music app to discover music based on Twitter

If you love music, here is some great news for you. Twitter has launched the Twitter #music, a new service to help you discover music based on Twitter.  Twitter #music will be using the Twitter activity including Tweets, follows & engagement to provide most popular tracks and emerging artists. Features: of Twitter #music Twitter charts [...]

Two-step authentication comes to entire Microsoft account including Outlook, hotmail

In view of the continuous attempts to hack user accounts of various web services, two step authentication is becoming an essential security tool to safeguard user accounts. Google introduced it for all Google services like Gmail using Google Authenticator App and PIN generation for non smartphone users. Starting today, Microsoft has started to roll out [...]

Top Free VPN services to bypass firewalls, surf anonymously

Governments everywhere are trying to impose cyber censorship on its citizens blocking access to websites and web services for one reason or the other. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the tools available to people who wants to bypass this censorship. Apart from this censorship, VPNs also provide some useful features like Anonymous browsing, [...]

Is Windows 8 going the Vista way for Microsoft? Windows 9 coming soon ?

Microsoft launched Windows 8 with much fanfare telling everyone that it is going to change the way operating systems work on computers. Windows 8 is still touted as a single operating system that can work on both the PC and mobile devices, but how successful Microsoft is in this whole concept of Windows 8 as [...]

Tweetdeck for web and chrome app updated with user specific search filters

Few days ago twitter announced that it will be killing the desktop version of Tweetdeck and will be concentrating more on its web-based versions. Just 3 days after the announcement, the web and chrome app has been updated with some great new features i.e availability of user specific search filters in Tweetdeck for web and [...]