Flipkart to launch Flipkart First service similar to Amazon Prime

Flipkart is doing everything it can to retain its leading position in Indian e-retail or eCommerce segment. After announcing One day delivery and same day delivery guarantee, Flipkart will be launching Flipkart First service soon which is similar to Amazon Prime in US.

Flipkart FirstAmazon Prime is an yearly subscription service from Amazon which gives additional benefits to its customers. Flipkart First appears to try to do the same in India.

Flipkart FirstFlipkart First is soon-to-be-launched annual subscription service from Flipkart for shoppers who wish to get exclusive benefits and access to priority service. Some of the benefits that will come with this service include:

We will keep a tab on more details and the pricing for the service or subscription. Hopefully it will be competitive considering the price sensitive Indian market.