Flipkart to launch Flipkart First service similar to Amazon Prime

Flipkart is doing everything it can to retain its leading position in Indian e-retail or eCommerce segment. After announcing One day delivery and same day delivery guarantee, Flipkart will be launching Flipkart First service soon which is similar to Amazon Prime in US. Amazon Prime is an yearly subscription service from Amazon which gives additional … Read more

How to restore Add-on bar back in Firefox

If you are a Firefox user and have upgraded to Firefox 29 recently, you may have noticed that the Add-on bar no longer exists anywhere which was placed at the bottom of the browser in earlier versions of the Firefox. This Add-on bar no longer exists after Mozilla implemented the new UI in the browser. … Read more

Youtube launches $0.99/mo channels with 14-day free trial

It has been long speculated that Google is going to monetize YouTube using one way or the other apart from just using the advertising on the videos. One of the speculated models for monetization was the monthly subscription model of YouTube channels. Stating today, Google is launching monthly subscription model with a small set of … Read more

Top Free VPN services to bypass firewalls, surf anonymously

Governments everywhere are trying to impose cyber censorship on its citizens blocking access to websites and web services for one reason or the other. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the tools available to people who wants to bypass this censorship. Apart from this censorship, VPNs also provide some useful features like Anonymous browsing, … Read more

Add a Restart button to Firefox

There are times when you want to restart Firefox, just for freeing some memory or for testing something new, but you are afraid that you will lose all the opened tabs in it. Normally you can use the session-manager in Firefox or use an addon like Tab Mix Plus to save the browsing session and then restore it from the settings. But is there a quick way to restart Firefox without the hassle of saving and restoring it? Say hello to Restartless Restart.

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Tweetdeck for twitter gets keyboard shortcuts plus new features

Ever since Twitter acquired Tweetdeck, ther has been much speculation over the future development. Especially since Tweetdeck for Android had one of it’s most popular features, the Deck.ly service removed and the app hasn’t been updated for over a year. But thankfully the Tweetdeck team haven’t abandoned its Windows application. And in fact they have added quite a few features to enhance the user experience.

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